Pest control in the inner west is a growing industry due to the severe damage caused by two different pest invasions that have recently hit this region of the west. The first is the presence of termites, which are spreading rapidly and decimating woody structures. The second is a more recent infestation, mice, which have also been found in numbers in the same areas. A pest control expert can help you deal with these issues so you do not need to have to call in a professional extermination company.

An experienced pest control inner west company can give you advice on what can be done to get rid of the termites, which are also known as white ants. They will usually take your property into their hands and use methods including baits, powder and heat treatments. The powder is designed to prevent the ants from coming back, whilst heat treatment sprays can kill the adults and larvae. You can also get some advice about removing the rodents, which are commonly found in timber frames, cupboards, attics and under floorboards.

If you live in the inner west region of Canada then you should ensure regular termite inspections are performed by a pest technician. These professionals can identify problems early so that you can make appropriate repair or replacement decisions. By identifying an infestation early, you can avoid further damage which can sometimes result from the invasion of pests. For example, if there are too many dead wood strands lying around then this can act as a nest for termites. By destroying it you can prevent other colonies from expanding. By calling a professional pest exterminator you can be guaranteed that the problem will be addressed as soon as possible.