This bag is made of vinyl material and comes unfilled. This implies buyers should fill it themselves, yet additionally implies that the fill can be picked by the client and changed if essential. It is 6 ft long, thus can be utilized for kicks and other lower body strikes just as punching. It accompanies a few heavy fastens so as to mount the bag. The bag likewise has a D-ring at the base so it very well may be made sure about on the lower end too.
This bag is mounted on a base that must be loaded up with either sand or water. The bag can be set at various statures, from a little more than 3 feet high to 5 and a half feet tall. In case you’re a greater individual, moving up to a bigger size may be savvy.
The bag will move marginally when struck however when filled the base weighs around 250 lbs.
This bag is froth, which implies that it is like a delicate filled bag, however that it will bounce back better. This froth is made sure about to a focal shaft, and it is conceivable that the froth can isolate from this post after heavy use.

This bag is made of a similar engineered cowhide, Nevatear, as the more costly 4004 customary heavy bag. This is a heavier; 80 or 100 lbs. bag however and is delivered effectively filled. Numerous clients have said that the filling should be repacked, as it can move in transportation, and end up with a lot of weight in one spot. This can prompt injury, or, best case scenario an unsatisfactory exercise.