If it’s a card-creating concept or a scrap book page that you can’t do with one of the key things, it’s strong craft glue.

Depending on what you try to attach, the type of craft glue you need will be decided.

The fact that you make a magnificent card or even a scrap book and the decorations will fall off after a few days is no worse, which is why you have to put the right glue to fit what you do.

Craft glue in several shapes can be available. Liquid, sticks of glue, ribbon, dots and glittered, glue on envelope etc. Using the right craft glue is important to avoid destroying your creations.

What Glue to Use When Card Making?

Form I mostly use is double sided tape, it’s sturdy and can keep almost anything together. In case I have to deal with the front of a card with another document I will use double sided tape continuously, the only downside is that you won’t have the opportunity to remove it without damaging it once you have held the item down.

Another very common alternative is to stick sticky dots which are much more versatile as one thing is possible to stick and if you are dissatisfied, you can remove them and reposition them carefully. But the sticky dots are a little messy, they seem to be everywhere, with a package of sticky dots you need to buy a special rubber so you can carefully extract every stray one.

Using  glue sticks might work for some cards, but, in case it’s a crumpling paper and a puckered look, I think it doesn’t really give it an experienced finish, and almost all artisanal glue sticks stick paper to paper, in case you are planning to stick a much more fancy decor, it might not hold.

The spray mount is a perfect adhesive that is suitable for card making ideas and scraping books, but when it’s dried out, it is more difficult to monitor the direction and what you spray, and 1 of the benefits of using a Spray mount.

You’ll find several different craft glues for different projects you’ll quickly discover that you’re going to need a draw to hold all of them in but adhesive and finding a suitable form might make your card look fantastic or maybe not nice.

It’s very irritating if you cut a perfect piece of ribbon and tie it to your project so that everything is broken and unlovely on the afternoon. You can also make an adhesive, which stops the material from being crushed. This adhesive binds the tissue to prevent this.