Bird spikes also called an anti-roach spike or bird control spike, is a mechanical device composed of long, narrow needle-like poles designed for the purpose of keeping birds from roosting or nesting. Bird spikes are usually attached to building ceilings, street light poles, and other structures to deter wild or domestic birds from perching on them, thus causing structural damage. These spikes have a sharp point designed to penetrate the skins of small birds and smaller mammals, causing damage to the feathers on the animals. Bird spikes are generally made of metal, wood, or plastic and can also be made of ceramic or glass. Their design is intended to be simple and to avoid causing too much harm to animals.

bird spikes

Bird Spikes

This type of spikes has been used since the early days of man, but it is only now that they have become popular and widely available. The use of bird spikes has been seen as early as the Middle Ages, where a wooden spiked collar was used to keep birds away from an urban city. In recent years, these spikes have been made of different materials, which range from wood to plastic and metal. While these spikes are available in different colors, most commonly they are made of wood, metal, or plastic. In the past, bird spikes were commonly used to deter birds away from houses and gardens by keeping them away from feeders and bird baths. However, the use of bird spikes has been limited to this purpose as the spikes are no longer used in this manner.

These spikes are available in a large number of sizes, including lengths of three feet, nine feet, and up to thirty feet. However, the size that you need is dependent on how many birds you want to keep at bay. The three foot spikes are the most popular because they are the easiest to put up. The nine-foot spike is ideal if you want to keep a wide variety of birds at bay; however, it can take more time to erect. and maintain. The thirty foot spike is ideal if you want to keep a larger flock of birds and have more birds perch. However, they will take more time and energy to raise.