Compared to other free email platforms out there, logging in to a account is fairly easy and straightforward. There are two main ways through which you can log in to your hotmail account, depending on the levels of security that are in place for the account. Both of these are outlined below.

1. Normal regular log in

– In this type of login, you only fill in your login details once and are directed straight to your inbox after that. To log in, start by visiting You can type this address directly in your browser.


– Once there, enter your email address and accompanying password. If both are right, you will be directed straight to your inbox, indicating you have successfully logged into your account. If not, then try rechecking all your login details to verify that what you entered was correct.

– In some cases, you may have forgotten your full email address, password or both; probably because you have not used the account for a while. In such a case, you can try one of several methods to retrieve your correct login details.