Sell your house fast in Dallas Texas

A colleague of mine has her house on the market as we speak and I rang the realtor to find out what he was telling people inquiring about the property.


He told me that he had just received an offer which the owner was considering.

I immediately rang my friend who assured me there was no such offer — or if there was SHE didn’t know about it.

Understandably she was feeling pretty hot under the collar. She also told me that they’d charged her $1800.00 for advertising and hadn’t advertised it anywhere.

Now you add to this BS the fact that you’re going to be giving them a nice little 7% check when your house eventually sells.

But what have they actually done to earn it?

They write some notes down, they make a couple of calls, they drag people through your house with little or no notice (hopefully you haven’t just stepped out of the shower) and they interrupt your life as much as possible to make their life easier.

When you add to the fact that most houses in your area will go over $100,000.00 that’s a nice slice of $7,000.00 that they’re getting in their pocket for doing very little at all.

To add insult to injury, you’re not the only one they’re working for.

How hard do you have to work for a cash injection of $7,000.00, $14,000.00 or $21,000.00?

Pretty darn hard.

You really don’t think you’re going to get treated as a VIP client, do you? Because the sad reality is that you’re not going to.