The perfect time to visit Botswana is during the long periods of May and October. That is the point at which the Okavango Delta storms. The climate during this time is charming and the temperatures during the day are mellow, the evenings being somewhat cold. The best time to make a trip to South Africa is likewise from May to October. South Africa encounters its summers from November to March. During these months, moistness is exceptionally high and the climate is clingy.
Zimbabwe ought to be visited among June and August. This is the point at which the nation encounters its winter season. The Victoria Falls can be visited consistently, however the best time for boating is among July and January. In the eastern piece of the landmass, especially Tanzania and Kenya, the long stretches of April, May and June are the most exceedingly awful occasions to visit. It rains vigorously during this time and it gets hard to appreciate the different wildlife holds and the picturesque excellence of these nations. The long stretches of July to October and December to March are very lovely and prescribed for a visit to this wonderland.

Safari is an East African convention and intends to travel or excursion. An African safari is a mainstream trip that has been embraced for a considerable length of time by the two Africans and different countries visiting Africa. The most suffering picture of safari is the British pilgrim in his white cap and shorts, chasing for major game in the wilds of Africa. Africa is an extremely famous goal because of wonderful landscape and changed wildlife.