Earlier this week I told you about the complexity of designing a landscape. A great landscape requires knowledge and experience that many homeowners don’t have… but it also requires their creative input. In my experience, the clients that have been the happiest with their landscapes here in Melbourne are the ones that had an idea of what they wanted their yard to look like, but who also took the time to listen to my professional advice.



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To illustrate, let me tell you about a common scenario: A client calls me up and tells me that they want to redo their landscape—they had been to a friend’s house last night and absolutely loved something they saw there. This happens all the time… but it’s important to remember that what you saw at your friend’s house was a snapshot of a landscape. You have no idea what it looked like 4 months ago or what it will look like next summer. And you have no way of knowing how much time and money they put into maintaining it. Simply trying to imitate what you saw in someone else’s backyard can end in disaster.

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