I’ve been hearing from so many introverts since this blog started getting some attention. And what I find so enjoyable is that I can tell just by reading Twitter bios or looking at others’ blogs that there is a pretty wide range when it comes to introverts.


Introvert hobbies and gifts

I think it’s important to state outright that not all introverts are the same. Each person, introvert or extrovert, is unique. While there may be many similar characteristics among introverts, there are important differences.

If you have never read Marti Olson Laney’s The Introvert Advantage, get thee to Amazon right now. Reading this book a few years ago really provided a “light bulb” moment for me, several light bulb moments actually. I had known for a long time that I was “different” (that other people thought I didn’t conform to social norms); that I didn’t like social situations, that being around people was often exhausting. And I had known I was an introvert. But this book made me thankful for the advantages I have as an introvert and really, for the first time, to acknowledge and embrace those strengths.

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