In the telecom industry, the cell phone industry will continue to generate growth as mobile phone users are increasing at an incredibly rapid rate. Because of the rising consumers’ need, new mobile phones are receiving weaved with a host of multi chord tones, color screens, as well as improved services.

The most recent new mobile phones are usually in the public eye and folks are very eager to get the latest edition of mobile phones every time these gizmos hit the market. In the latest edition, check out probably the newest phone – the Samsung SLM, an extremely light clamshell cell phone that’s designed for multimedia and music. The cell phone is AT&T’s first to include Napster Mobile, a whole new service which allows for subscribers to browse a catalog of five thousand songs, review snippets of songs, as well as obtain them wirelessly.

Along with Napster Mobile, the SLM includes other features, such as AT&T Video Share, stereo Bluetooth, a 2.0-megapixel camera with video capture, along with expandable memory by way of a MicroSD card slot. The phone also is going to be the first to come pre loaded with a mobile banking program.

The other new cell phone that has transformed the way of numerous manufacturers is iPhone. And if we talk about iPhone, one of them is Asus that has rolled out its new’ Asus Aura’ that typically looks being motivated from the Apple iPhone.

This very luxury looking gizmo would be designed with a 2-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.0 and a MicroSD expansion slot so that you do not exhaust brain. The device has a 3.9 inch touch screen which often goes along the entire body of the phone. The screen has also a movable d pad which can serve as a separator with the display screen. It also comes equipped with a sliding QWERTY computer keyboard and methods just 6mm.

Apart from that if we think about slim cell phone then Motorola’s RAZR is the king of all thin mobile phones. And Motorola is finally out because of its brand new Motorola RAZR two in the marketplace. remove blockade ZTE by code include outside music settings, hap tics for tactile feedback when external touch display keys are pressed, a total HTML internet browser, 2 mega pixel camera, the complete collection of Bluetooth profiles, Windows Media Player sync, a 2-inch QVGA external display, 2.2 inch QVGA internal display, and twice the screen resolution of the original RAZR. Plus, it is going to be the second to utilize Motorola’s brand new Linux-based platform (the first turning out to be the Z6). It consists of a thing Moto is calling “Crystal Talk” technological innovation that instantly adjusts volume and tone based on surrounding noise.

To end with, I will just point out that new innovating mobile phones are emerging in a major way on the worldwide platform and are attributing to better variations in customer tastes.