Target audience

Public sector, private enterprise and civil society specialists involved in the challenges related to the social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts and adaptation to climate change as related to forests, forest health and forest management, and including:

  • Researchers and academics
  • Managers and investors
  • Policy makers and planners
Conference Format

The conference welcomes posters and papers and includes presentations by selected keynote speakers who will provide state-of-the art overviews of main topics in focus. Both invited and offered technical presentations will be given in concurrent sessions. Field trips are planned for the day after the conference (Aug 29, 2008, choice between excursions on various topics).



The official conference language will be English. No translation facilities will be provided.

Submitting abstracts

The conference welcomes oral and poster presentations. Guidelines for presentation formats are provided below.  All contributors are kindly requested to submit their abstracts by e-mail to the following mailbox address:


Related events

The Forest Adaptation 2008 conference is not an isolated event as many others are focussing on various issues related to climate change and terrestrial systems. Of particular interest is the “High-Level Conference on World Food Security: the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy”, hosted by FAO, in June 2008, in which discussions will underscore the strong linkages between food security and poverty reduction in the face of climate change and energy security. The challenges faced by agriculture, fisheries and forestry from climate change and bioenergy will be highlighted in order to identify the steps required to safeguard food security within the broader context of action at the global, regional and national levels.