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All our customer service representatives are expertly trained and have an in-depth knowledge about the furniture removal industry as all our staff have spent time on our trucks, so they know how to best cater for your needs.

Without extensive network of contractor vehicles and depots in nearly all major cities with in Australia, we have the resources to have your relocation collected 6 days a week.

The Moving Group confidently guarantee all our interstate relocations at the most affordable prices for you.

What We Offer
Our specialty is helping people find quality reliable removalists Perth who not only aid you in moving interstate but also take the stress out of moving all together.

There is an enormous base of interstate removal trucks travelling within Australia, which are not completely full or that need cargo back to their city where they are based.


We connect you to these interstate removalists who are seeking loads to fill their trucks.
as a professional removalists Perth service not only can we provide you with this service ourselves but we have a network within Australia of interstate removalist who can help you if our own moving trucks are not in your area when you need them.

Any Size, Any Time, Any Where!

Every backloading job is monitored to ensure our standards are maintained.
Furniture removalists are always looking for backloads to utilize the space available on their trucks as usually they aren’t carrying a full load back to their based city.

Using the backloading service not only saves you a lot of cash when moving interstate but also benefits the interstate removalist as there is nothing worse then returning to their city of origin with a half empty or empty truck.

As you only pay for the space you require on the truck backloading is one of the most economical ways of moving interstate.

When choosing backloading everyone benefits from it, you get your interstate removal done efficiently and professionally at a large discount and the interstate removals company picks up extra cargo making the interstate removalists trip worth it.

We have a large connection of interstate removal and backloading companies throughout Australia so we can help you with your relocation where ever you may need to go.