A hectic career, demanding children, nagging spouse, energetic pets, unforeseen surprises, family visits, dinner with friends, don’t be sad if your home does not look like something from the pages of Architectural Digest.

With a little order and a checklist of pointers, we promise a smooth experience. In addition, you are more aware of which box contains what. Whether you live in a one room apartment or a home in the suburbs, spring cleaning or moving house is simpler if you fragment your house into six sections:

1. Kitchen
2. Bedroom
3. Living Area
4. Bedroom
5. Dining

1. KITCHEN: Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer thought of spring cleaning your kitchen. This room is the most used, most dirtied, and yes, most cleaned too. Start by removing all your supplies, utensils, appliances, light installations, art, frames and pictures from the kitchen.

Give the fan, air ducts, window panes, exhausts, chimneys, sink, burners, ceiling, walls, screens, countertops and cabinets a much needed cleaning. Don’t miss the corners, often missed space where the fridge is usually placed etc. Use necessary cleansers, soaps and all kinds of cleaning products to remove all the grime and grease from all spots.

2. BEDROOM: Call it your boudoir or your safe haven, spring cleaning your bedroom deserves all the special care and attention you can provide. As with the previous, start by removing furniture, appliances, delicate light installations, curtains, blinds, carpets, rugs, throws, art-pieces, books, cushions etc. Involve your kids; get them to make a list of all the boxes and items in their rooms, so that they know what goes where. This will also teach them responsibility and give an idea of what happens to you every single time they mess their rooms.

Think vertically. Look up, sideways, down and then clean accordingly. Scrub your walls, floors, air vents, window treatments, etc. An important point to address is when to organise your cupboard. Make sure you arrange it before or after you clean the rest of the room.

3. BATHROOM: The first area to tackle when you start spring cleaning your bathroom is your medicine cabinet. Start by scrubbing the ceiling, floors, shower area, bathtub, fan, vents, mirror, cabinet, sink, fixtures and other paraphernalia.

4. LIVING AREAS: If first impressions are important, take a good look at your home and begin by spring cleaning your living area. Start by moving out your furniture, carpets, and rugs and begin with the same process of cleaning as before (ceiling, walls, and floor). Pay attention to vents, fans, art, photos, appliances, doorknobs, doors, air conditioner, dust bookshelves electronic appliances, couches, switch plates, light fixtures, furniture.

5. DINING AREA: If you do not have an exclusive dining area, consider it a blessing. Else, spring cleaning your dining area is crucial, whether it is used often or not. Remove all art, China, silverware (these also need cleaning), glass items before you hit the ceiling, fan, walls and floor.
If you are moving house, these tips also help as you get a better idea of how to rearrange items in your new house. At all times, remember to keep the windows open while cleaning. Add music, dance, dining out to make spring cleaning a fun experience for your family.

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