Absolutely! That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. Of course you might think that to be an affiliate marketer you have to have a marketing degree (or background), but truth be told, anyone can do it. With that said there is definitely a skill set that lends itself well to affiliate marketing. I go over this skill set in a future post entitled, “What skills are needed to become an Affiliate Marketer”.


How do you and the company you are affiliated with know which referrals you send?

Most companies like Affiliate Bots have affiliate programs whose link can be found toward the bottom of their web page aptly named “affiliate progam”. Clicking on this link allows you to sign up for their program. Once accepted you are provided with a unique ID and URL which you can email, tweet, post on your webpage, make part of your forum signature, etc. (Depending on the specific Terms and Conditions of the program). Anyone who clicks that url informs the corresponding affiliate program that you sent them (via your unique ID). If the user completes the program specific action your account is credited with the defined payout. The tracking is handled by the affiliate program which will typically provide a mechanism by which you can review the traffic you have sent. Of course affiliate marketing is a science whereby data is king. Successful affiliate marketers don’t “watch their shots”. They track, analyze, and optimize everything. They track their keywords, ad copy, landing pages, affiliate ads, PPC (Pay Per Click) engines, etc. to learn what was successful, and what was not; keeping the winners and dropping the losers. How that is done I leave to another post.

Affiliate Marketing Summary

People make purchases all the time on the internet. Millions of transactions happen each day. The goal of the affiliate marketer is to identify the people on the internet who are ready to make a certain purchase, and deliver them to the product or service through Affiliate Bots Review.